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Another benefit of Immunoverse is detecting somatic hypermutation in CLL. After B cells go through VDJ recombination, they go through somatic hypermutation and affinity maturation. By identifying if the malignant clone is hypermutated, one can determine if the CLL is caused by an error in B cell development that took place before or after somatic hypermutation. This time point has prognostic value.
Yes, the Immunoverse chemistry can be used with FFPE samples. We have detected TCR and BCR clones within FFPE input samples using the Immunoverse kits. FFPE samples tend to be more degraded and produce fewer read-pairs across the CDR3 region. Complexity of the library and robust clonotype identification with Archer® Analysis is driven by input quality, quantity, and B/T-cell content. Users should consider these factors in their experimental design — especially when selecting RNA extraction procedures which affect the quality of the RNA. Please refer to the “Getting Started” section in the protocol for extraction recommendations.

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